Made proudly in the USA
Certified system by FCC

Product Comparison

We are proud owners of the most sophisticated wireless maneuvering remote controller? Docking Master that is the choice of these plus many others that have used or hear about us.

Uniesse Americas, Marlow Marine, Altima Yachts, Sun Seeker USA are customers of Yacht Energy, Thrusting the unmistakable Wireless maneuvering system Docking Master With unparallel mach on reliability, Quality and Workmanship.

Here are the facts that prove our quality with comparison in products

  • Structure

    Tested. Our competition claims transmitting on FM.
  • Transmission

    We submitted to an spectrum analyzer and this are the results AM frequency transmission. Single layer PCB uncalculated wire antenna
  • Construction

    Does this transmitter look Home Made?
    900Mz Antenna FM transmission 2 AAA. Lighter weight Micro switches. No wires tangling 4 Layer PCBxs
  • Developing

    Is the Receiver also looking Home Made?
    Calculated Antenna and ground shield cover receiver, proprietary design and proudly built entirely in the USA by Yacht Energy US
  • Quality

    Does this system look’s Home Made?
    Quality and unparallel reliability
    “Electronically designed by Cassina Technology a US Company”
    “Assembly by Jolt Technology a US company”
    “Software Customization by Yacht Energy US also a US. Company”

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